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Connect your data to the larger ecosystem without giving it away

Identity Solutions

Discover an Identity Graph anchored in first-party data and authenticated by organic engagement

The LiveIntent Identity Graph is first of its kind, combining sophisticated machine learning with real-time signals. Unlike other identity graphs that buy and sell data to increase the size of their graph, ours is built and authenticated daily through organic connections anchored in the consent-based world of email and extending to media across the web.

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290 million unique email addresses

Tap into a scalable, organic data set anchored around encrypted email addresses that are authenticated by daily engagement.

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25 billion authenticated data signals

Discover a higher quality of data linked through digital media and consumer activity like clicking, browsing, and buying.

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Connected through first-party data

Connect your data to the larger digital ecosystem without having to rely on third-party cookie syncs.

Embrace an approach to identity that gives you control without sacrificing connections

We don’t require you to conform to our proprietary ID and we don’t share your data in order to do what we do. LiveIntent’s nonID is able to safely bridge whatever ID you’re using to the wider digital ecosystem via an active, encrypted email address. We use interactions across devices and channels tied to that email address to build connections to your customers, then give you your data back so you can make what you do best even better.

Identity Control
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Connect using a common identifier

Over half the planet uses email to identify themselves, log into online platforms, and subscribe to receive content from brands and publishers in their inbox.

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Build around a lasting, stable ID

On average, people have 1.75 email addresses and keep them for several years. We can tell you which one is most relevant to your goal and strategy.

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Expand to an omnichannel customer view

We can tie every online and offline identifier to this stable, common ID, helping you to create a unified customer view across every touchpoint.

Create a bridge between your first-party data and the larger ecosystem

Your ability to establish and grow relationships with your target audience depends on how much you can leverage first-party data across every touchpoint. Evolve beyond identity solutions built by syncing data to third-party cookies and embrace first-party identity solutions that work across browsers and devices. Whether you onboard data in real-time from your website, or from a database, we can bridge that data to the wider ecosystem safely and securely, with virtually no loss in resolution with nonID.

Identity Bridge
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Secure onboarding

Unlock the power of your first-party data and safely match it to our graph at an individual level to enrich your customer knowledge.

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Authenticated Bridge

Earn more from the mobile web and anonymous browser inventory you struggle to monetize today with a solution that doesn’t rely on third-party cookies.

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Site Visitor Resolution

Identify customers and prospects when they visit your website on any of their devices, even when they aren’t logged in.

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LiveIntent Group

Partner with people who understand your goals and know how to get there.

We understand that your data and goals are unique to your brand and audience and that one-size-fits-all graphs just don’t make sense. That’s why our team will work with you to ensure the data always flows back to you in a way that makes sense for your brand.

Enrich more than just data

Partner with our team of customer support and data science specialists to tune your data to your unique audience and goals. We work with you to ensure the data you get back is relevant and timely, so you can immediately capitalize on opportunities or insights that will move your business forward.

Get back more than you give

Part of our mission is to make certain that any value created through leveraging your data comes back to you. You remain in control of your data - we don’t store it and we never share it with anyone else.

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