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Maximize the revenue generated on every email open.

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Unlock new revenue streams with the only advertising technology platform designed for email

With the ever-growing need to diversify revenue streams, your email newsletters represent an untapped resource for connecting advertisers with your most engaged audience. LiveIntent’s LiveTag, a snippet of lightweight HTML code placed in your email newsletter template, makes it easy for you to take control over your inventory and unlock an entirely incremental revenue stream.

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Save time and effort with real-time ad serving

Manage all of your email inventory through a single platform that dynamically targets, serves, and optimizes at the moment of each email open.

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Deliver a positive reading experience

Power advertising experiences that are impactful, not intrusive, delivering the campaigns that are the most relevant to your subscribers.

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Support multiple ad sizes and flexible slot placement

Accommodate multiple ad sizes, from standard IAB banners to custom native ad experiences, that can be placed anywhere within your newsletter template.

“We over-paced our year-over-year revenue efforts. And it looks that if we continue to go that way, we are going to continue to grow year-over-year.”

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Raymond Baro

Senior Director of Ad Operations, Patch

Optimize revenue and the reader experience

Your relationship with your email newsletter readers is one of the most valuable and important relationships you have. LiveIntent’s platform provides you with the features and reporting you need to protect your brand’s reputation while bolstering your bottom line, both for direct-sold and programmatic partnerships.

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Ensure every impression is monetized

Enable advertisers to bid on available ad space within your newsletters and use unfilled impressions to deliver your own personalized promotions and offers.

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Protect your bottom line

Use blocklists, whitelists, and creative approval tools to ensure advertiser content always aligns with your brand.

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Optimize your newsletter yield

Gain access to insights into how advertisers bid on your inventory and leverage revenue-generating features like key-value pairs and list targeting.

“LiveIntent has been crucial to driving tremendous growth with our newsletter monetization. They come with smart recommendations and expertise, really digging into what our program needs. We’re incredibly happy with the partnership and the success we’re seeing.”

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Brandi Ernst

Senior Marketing Communications Planner, General Mills

Power first-party audience targeting across email and the web

Enable first-party audiences advertisers have come to expect from the walled gardens without compromising your audience, your data, or your content by connecting the people visiting your website and opening your emails to the larger ecosystem. This direct connection between first-party data sources makes it possible to identify website visitors in real time across all browsers and devices, even when they aren’t logged-in.

Power Targeting
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Scale people-based media buys

Curate high-value audience packages and enable more efficient targeting for advertising partners across all of your web and email properties.

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Enhance audience insights

Increase the percentage of website visitors you can identify without requiring a login for more accurate segmentation and analysis.

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Inform revenue diversification strategies

Tie intent and behavioral signals back to stable IDs to bolster audience targeting for eCommerce and subscriber acquisition efforts.

Futureproof your website monetization

With the inevitable deprecation of third-party cookies fast approaching, publisher inventory and audiences are at risk of being undervalued by programmatic partners. By enabling LiveIntent’s Identity Module in the header, you can earn more from the mobile web and anonymous browser inventory you struggle to monetize today with a solution that doesn’t rely on third-party cookies.

Third-party cookies
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Fortify programmatic partnerships

Provide buyers with the insights they need to identify their target audiences amongst your readers without cookie-syncs.

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Connect to the ecosystem on your terms

Safely bridge whatever ID you use with brands and tech partners using the most common, stable identifier available – the encrypted email address.

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Refresh reader consent choices daily

Tie reader opt-outs to stable IDs authenticated and updated daily through organic engagements anchored in the consent-based world of email.

Enable the LiveIntent Identity Module with these leading header bidding partners

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Partner with people who understand your goals and know how to get there.

Get more than just a platform

While the tech is great, what really makes us special is the dedicated team of experts that will work with you to design a monetization strategy that fits your goals and brand, from setting floor prices to optimizing the layout of your newsletter template.

Implement easily and scale quickly

Our technology is designed to work with your existing tech stack, both in email and on the web. Depending upon the size of your monetization program, it’s possible to be up, running, and driving revenue within two weeks of signing on.

“LiveIntent has been instrumental in helping us build our programmatic strategy for newsletters.”

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Nichole Schupbach

Director of Partner Monetization, Meredith

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